Spent a weekend on frequent database connectivity issues?

Plummb can help you manage these intermittent failures without any code change.
Plug it in your application and start managing these via a dashboard.

How Plummb can help?

Third-party infrastructure can go down for reasons beyond your control. To make the applications resilient to these failures, one needs to implement various Resilience Patterns. Generally, incorporating these patterns need a lot of code changes, retry logic, verification, etc. Plummb helps incorporate these patterns without any code change using Dynamic Exception/Response Handling Rules. Get in touch for a quick demo.

Plummb has end-to-end support for Java. Having non-Java application? Get in touch, we would be happy to extend Plummb for other languages i.e. C#, Node, etc. Check out the FAQ section for quick answers.

Plummb helps your application to manage following aspects.

Resilience Aspect

Retry Pattern
When a service fails for few seconds like a DNS issue, Network issue, a retry after a few seconds may succeed. This is called Retry Pattern.
  • MongoSocketWriteException: A retry will succeed ~99% times.
  • Exception during Fetch from Datastore: A network blip can cause a fetch to fail. A retry is always recommended.
  • Timeout during Fetch from Datastore: After first fetch call, most of the datastores cache the data. So at times a retry succeeds.
Resiliency rules in Java application

Circuit Breaker Pattern
When a service fails for few minutes like service experiencing too much load or completely down. Retrying in this scenario may add more load to the services and worsen the situation. We need to by-pass the calls first and then gradually allow it. This is called Circuit Breaker Pattern.
  • 3rd Party experiencing load
  • DNS issues
circuit break design pattern

Security Aspect

At times we identify that a coding defect has resulted in a leak like password is exposed via an Exception. Plummb provides an ability to morph/mask these sensitive info like emails/passwords etc in an exception message on the fly.

Simulation Aspect

While in testing phase, it's pretty difficult to reproduce certain issues. Simulation Rules helps to simulate the exceptions and verify the application behaviour.

simulate java exceptions failures http status codes

Logging Aspect

Plummb provides an ability to log information about an expensive method, helping developers to make performance improvements. All methods of the intercepted resources(classes) automatically emit this information in application logs.

intercept java class and methods