How to make an application resilient in 5 minutes?

What is application resiliency?

Resiliency is the ability of an application to gracefully handle and recover from intermittent failures.

With the increased adoption of cloud hosting, applications are often multi-tenant, use shared platform, services, databases and network, there is an increased possibility of transient failures. Detecting these failures early and recovering fast is the goal of any operational team.

The idea behind Plummb is to plug it once and manage via a dashboard. Check out the below use-cases where it can help:

  • Increasing the SLA by incorporating Resilience patterns like retry on DB/Network failures.
  • Increasing confidence of QA by simulation of failures, rarely executed code, delays, etc.
  • Insights into a live environment e.g. where the process has stuck or waiting on a long-running connection.
  • Masking sensitive exception messages at runtime.
  • Monitoring - Success/Failure of above configurations
Check out the FAQ section for quick answers.
Creating a resilience rule in Plummb is super easy!


Resilience as a Service

Just add a maven dependency and deploy.
Various aspects of resilience, security, exception and logging get enabled for the application automatically.
Login to the dashboard and manage Resilience, Simulation and Response rules..

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